The biggest leap today is the discussion with professor about final course paper. It may mainly about crisis of design as a discipline and conundrum of the designers. I may converted part of my previous article designers’ battle field and include some new ideas.

Archeology paper are full of debates and arguments. The main difference are caused from different presumptions. It is like communities with different belief and religious system ends up with completely different cultures. Presumption could be not related to research questions, but highly influence the organization of data. Such as presumptions of women are weak or strong, which is not directly elated to research questions of “evolution of women pelvis”, but can lead to completely opposite interpretation of archeological data.

Another evolutional presumption is that creature evolves to adapt and relief burden. Why can’t creature evolves and have more burdens? Just like modern people, full of burden. Like dinosaur, too huge to sustain itself, bodily burden. And another presumption is about pain is bad. What if pain have function? Because even now people start to find out depression has its function. So probably the same to pain in birth - caused by biological pelvis design dilemma - might also has its own function.

Final takeaway is language barrier between east and west. It is a huge loss for the western people that are not able to read eastern thoughts and papers. Because now many eastern scholars can read but not surely can write, and there ideas remained in their own language. So that east scholars can combine western perspective in their research, but the western cannot. What a loss.